Guardian of the Night Story

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Guardian of the Night Story

Post  Tiliy on Tue Sep 21, 2010 5:53 am

Amzals life holds more secrets than pandoras box.She will face difficult obstacles at sixteen with prophesised journeys, love put to the test , and unkown powers coursing through her vines making her doubt reality .

Chapter one
You’re born, you grow up, you grow old and then you die. But, does everything have to end with death or can dyeing possibly be a new beginning? No one knows. There are certain things in our world that never tend to change like a person that you have in every class but, never quite remember their name. Then again you probably never will because that person always keeps to themselves observing in silence. Just like Death a shadow in silence.
You may leave that person behind-elementary, junior high, high school even -their Watching. You may never even be friends, lovers, or sworn enemies. Yet they still guide you through paths unknown to humanity. They give you the answer to your deepest desire. Why?
You don’t know your watcher’s name or what they look like. Nobody does.
And when you finally find out. It’s too late.

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